5 Instagram accounts to follow

When you're not driving or browsing the classified ads or watching crash compilations at the Nurburgring, you feel a strange emptiness in your life. That's because you're suffering from automotive deficiency. Luckily, we have something to get you back on your feet: an Instagram update! So here are 5 must-follow accounts. par TeamBenzin

1. Boris the Blade

It seems that the Russian arms dealer from the movie Snatch is also very good at photography. And guess what? He spends his time on the paddocks of the circuits. Every single one of his shots deserves to be made into a wallpaper.


2. Car Corner Peter

One day a guy decided to start an account dedicated to car corners. So every post is a car corner. We don't know why, but we like it.


3. Emmanuel van den Brûle

Emmanuel is a talented photographer and part of the Belgian team of Drivetime.be. Not only are they good, but they are also nice and always willing to share a "machine gun" or to go on short trips on well chosen roads. They are good buddies.


4. Amy Shore

Amy Shore is already well known in the world of automotive photography and her reputation is far from being usurped. Not only do her images capture their subject perfectly, but they also convey that special automotive atmosphere. So stop what you're doing, and go hit that "Follow" button.


5. Carphiles

The eye. Alejandro really has the eye to find the right place with the right car to make great shots. No really, we don't know what else to say so much we are fan of his work. It is thus quite naturally that we recommend you to go to subscribe immediately.


6. gasoline

We got you good. A top 5 with 6 accounts. You were not going to leave without following the official Benzin account. The ideal account to keep up with Benzin news, good deals and secret projects!