A collection of 20 sports cars and youngtimers for auction on Benzin

Notice to GTI lovers, there is going to be some sport: Benzin is proud to offer you the Provencal collection for sale. A homogeneous collection, both exciting and passionate that Sammy, the owner, has chosen to entrust to Benzin. Among the twenty or so vehicles on offer, there is something for every taste and every budget: from the friendly Fiat Uno Turbo I.E to the exceptional Renault Clio V6, the range of vehicles is as wide as it gets, but always sporting. par TeamBenzin

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An atypical collection

Over the years, this car enthusiast has acquired and sometimes resold an impressive number of sports cars. His collection has only one watchword: it has to grow. Sammy confides to us that he takes as much pleasure in driving his Clio V6 on the small roads of the calanques as he does in sharing a Sunday drive under the sun with his children in a Golf GLI.


Benzin: the obvious choice

At a time when space is at a premium, Benzin was the ideal solution for Sammy to sell part of his collection. Thanks to a lightened logistics by a mode of sale entirely digitized, Benzin allows Sammy to sell his cars without the hassle of heavy logistics which implies a displacement of the vehicles in the sales room. Moreover, selling on Benzin allows Sammy to offer his collection to a community of over 90,000 enthusiasts ready to take the plunge from their couch.


A tailor-made sale

In order to prepare the sale in the best conditions and to allow both sellers and buyers a first class experience, Benzin has developed a special formula to meet the challenges imposed by the sale of car collections.
Once the list of vehicles was established with our dedicated sales team, Benzin dispatched a team of specialized photographers to the storage location to make a detailed report of each vehicle. Our specialists then created a detailed description of each vehicle, which Sammy had previously validated based on the photo files, in order to provide buyers with the simplest and most detailed buying experience.


Dates of the sale

The first vehicles will all be visible on the site from Wednesday, August 17 and the sales will open successively to spread over several weeks. Follow the lots you are interested in by clicking on the "Follow" button in order to receive by email the opening and closing dates.

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