Top 10 pleasure cars for 10.000 € (2020)

In this top, we are interested in the little nuggets of interest that you can find in good condition around 10.000 €. We have also excluded cars with excessively expensive maintenance from this top. We assure you, these choices are rational. Enough to convince your other half... or not. par TeamBenzin

Written by: @Tom_garm // Instagram

BMW Z3 coupe 2.8

We don't know what happened in the design department at BMW when they gave the GO for the Z Coupé, but we're glad it happened because this hunting wagon looks like nothing else and that's all that makes it so charming. On the engine side, you have the choice of the best BMW engines: four inline 6 cylinders ranging from 193hp to 325hp in the rare "S54" version (M3 e46 engine). These engines have made the reputation of BMW because of their comfort and reliability. But with a budget of a little more than 10.000 €, you will have to be satisfied with the 2.8 liters with its bewitching sound.

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Renault Megane 2 RS

You like sporty driving, the noise of the turbo, the sensations in turns... But you are rather discreet and do not want to sacrifice the comfort of 5 seats? Then look no further! The Megane RS is surely the car you need. Equipped with a chassis that no longer needs to prove itself, this Renault is usable by anyone in any situation. It is also a very good base to learn about the circuit.

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Subaru Impreza WRX

On board the Subaru, the Rally atmosphere is guaranteed. Especially since the Impreza, in its WRX version, remains quite versatile and usable in everyday life. 5 seats, a sufficient trunk and a medium size... It is thus possible to drop your children off at school, and then to have fun on small mountain roads. All the more so as its 4-cylinder flat engine, with its particular sound, will enchant you at every acceleration. Beware, however, of the fuel consumption, which can quickly climb! On the second-hand market, avoid models with dubious modifications.

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Porsche Boxster / Boxster S

The Boxster 986 is certainly the best price-pleasure ratio of the moment. Judge for yourself: manual gearbox, flat 6 in the back and a retractable roof to enjoy the soundtrack while redoing your hair. All this for less than the price of a recent Clio! There's really no excuse not to go, and it's certainly not us who will give you any. Regarding the engine, and within a budget of 10.000 €, it is quite possible to find a 2.7 with 220hp (Phase 1) or 228hp (Phase 2). You can also find 3.2 S 252hp (Phase 1) with more mileage around 12.000 €.

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Abarth 500

The 500 Abarth is the ultimate little toy of recent years. Agile, sporty and responsive, it has tamed the streets of the big cities. Don't be put off by your friend who is a bit of a redneck and has a strong "need to compensate" and who will tell you that the 500 is a car for "Gonzesses". The Abarth is a concentrate of what every true "Carguy" likes: lightness, sensation and mech gearbox.

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Ford Focus RS MK1

The Focus RS Mk1 is a huge collector's item still under the radar. Not only was it a WRC star in the hands of Colin McRae, but this road version is also one of the most exciting compact sports cars in its class. And with a limited production run of 4,501 units, many of which are no longer available, you have a recipe for the perfect collector's item. You can't say we didn't tell you.

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BMW 330ci

The 330ci was the pinnacle of BMW's coupe range, just before the M3. Mixing sportiness and comfort, this Bavarian car is an excellent daily driver. Moreover, the quotation of the e46 is at its lowest... But for how long? On the engine side, the 330ci was equipped with the excellent M54B30 whose reputation is well established. Pleasure and pleasure guaranteed!

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Mercedes CLK 55 AMG

This is a true Mercedes recipe: a coupe with discreet looks, a luxurious interior and an engine ready to bend the asphalt. Its 5.4-liter V8 developing 347 hp is the ultimate weapon for your highway escapades. But beware, with a budget of €10,000, you'll have to be patient to find the perfect car. We therefore recommend vehicles with rigorous maintenance, because the bill can be high in case of a problem.

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Peugeot 205 GTI

The 205 GTI is the ultimate youngtimer of the last years. But above all, it was presented at the time as the ultimate bombshell and was more affordable than its German cousin: the Golf GTI. Equipped with solid blocks ranging from 105 to 130 hp, all versions of the 205 are recommendable. Today, 205 GTI announcements are not rare. And we won't tell you otherwise! So don't hesitate to shop around for a good deal, and there's no need to rush towards basic examples in "competition condition" at more than 15 / 20.000 €, because you can acquire very healthy examples around 10.000 €.

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Chrysler Crossfire

Looking for a coupe with an offbeat look? We have what you need: a look made in the USA and a German engine. Indeed, under this beautiful body is hidden the chassis and the mechanics of the Mercedes SLK (type R170). We recommend the 3.2 liters V6 with manual or automatic transmission that can be found under the 10.000 € mark. Perfect for your future spring rides, isn't it?

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With a budget of 10,000 euros, you have plenty of choice. It's up to you to find the right deal, or to wait for it to present itself to you on Benzin.fr!