Top cars to go on vacation in style

Tired of the gray, the big cities, the stormy weather, your company car that you use to drive in traffic? Then it's time to go on vacation, and for that, it's time to choose the ideal car. Once again we at Benzin have come together to bring you a new top with the perfect car for each of your dream destinations. par TeamBenzin

Let's start our top, but we'd rather warn you: you'll be spoilt for choice among these 10 interesting cars. Granted, there are a lot of station wagons. However, this top is guaranteed to be SUV-free.

Citroën DS Break

Citroen DS 24 break

Increased presidential comfort: yes, of course, in a station wagon there is more space. You can get off at Nice from Paris via the N7. Bring the whole family and don't forget to represent General de Gaulle's France during your stops: with a good French ham and butter sandwich.

Audi RS6

The RS6 needs no introduction. If there was only one station wagon left, it would probably be this one: V8 bi-turbo big trunk. It will accompany you everywhere, whether you're just with your bella, your kids, or back from a little trip to Marbella.

BMW M5 E34 Touring

At Benzin we like what is beautiful and rare. And believe us, there are not many M5 station wagons, even less in e34: 891 to be precise. The program? The possibility to take the whole family at German speed with the soundtrack of the biggest 6 cylinder of BMW: the 3.8. And if the highway bores you, you can always take a (de)turn on the Nurburgring.

Ferrari GTC4

Even those who don't like station wagons won't be able to spit on a V12 station wagon. In a Ferrari on the French Riviera, you'll feel comfortable making your car sing in the Monaco tunnel. However, be sure to bring your sunglasses to face the flashes (of the radars) present on the sun highway. And if you were wondering: Yes, a station wagon is even classier with 3 doors.

Range Rover Classic

Okay, maybe it's a bit of an SUV, or at least the ancestor. But if you're tired of seaside resorts where it's impossible to park and would rather opt for the tranquility of the mountains, hiking, and sheep, we have the perfect car: a Range Rover Classic. With this timeless franchiser you can climb any mountain, including the mountains of likes on instagram.

Peugeot 504 Break

Mythical for a whole generation of French people, those of the countryside, the cities and those of the city. And for good reason the rapper 113 has even dedicated a song to him: "tonton du bled". Clearly whatever the generation that will drive, first or fiftieth hand it will never leave us, and this no matter how you load the suitcase.

Renault 21 Nevada

If you're feeling Tuche, do what they do: take an R21 Nevada and drive to Nevada. Conquer the roads in this rugged car and pray that the air conditioning works. Don't forget the deep fryer, the beers and the wifebeater.

Mercedes SL500

A romantic vacation by the sea in the jet-set style of the 90s? Here is the perfect tool. This Mercedes convertible will give you a stylish hairdo. Don't worry, you'll still be the most beautiful on the beach. But don't forget to call your valet for the luggage.

Ford Mustang convertible

You like to imitate the American accent, pronounce the names of American cities like a yankee, eat in "Diner" to be served your burger by a waitress in skates? Leave in a Mustang Cab and head for Route 66 (or the local highway for lack of budget). Like a stallion, you will be able to gallop through these vast expanses in the company of your spouse. Be careful though: don't forget to stay hydrated.

Citroën C15

Tired of being a city dweller? Do you dream of emancipation and nature? Go hunting in the forest with the ultimate vehicle: the sacrosanct C15. This monument of the 80's is still in the game. No one will blame you for driving around with a litter of red in your belt and a pack of unfiltered gypsies. Drive and cut wood, call yourself "Riton" and go deer hunting all summer in the Jura.

Conclusion :

What matters most is the journey, not the destination. With this selection we have found you elegant ways to travel across countries without sacrificing the comfort of your passengers. Now that you're all set, all you have to do is :

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