Special series

Do you like to stand out? We all do. But not to the extent of driving a Pontiac Aztec. The solution? Special series. Often limited, they are regularly offered on rather popular models. Available for all budgets, they're an original way to stand out at gatherings or simply to arouse the curiosity of enthusiasts. par TeamBenzin

Peugeot 205 Lacoste

The Sochaux crocodile. From 1984 to 1986, Peugeot produced this special series in collaboration with Lacoste in 3 and 5-door versions. With its unique white "Meije" color, specific elements such as the red and green mesh on the bumpers, the sunroof and the crocodile brand initials on the tailgate or front fenders. This 205 is the ideal ally to accompany you on the finest tennis courts.

Peugeot 205 Lacoste - Benzin.fr

Autobianchi Y10 FILA

Another tennis-related special series. The Y10 Fila series, produced from 1987 to 1989, proudly sports red upholstery with the Fila logo. Equipped with the little "Fire" engine, it was a cool-looking city car available in black or white at the time of its release. Today, it's a special series that's hard to find in good condition.

Autobianchi Fila - Benzin.fr

Abarth 500 Ferrari Dealers Edition n°/200

Limited to just 200 examples, this Abarth 500 is a numbered series that was intended for Ferrari dealers to use as a loan vehicle. Some examples may have been purchased new, and therefore never used as loan vehicles.

Abarth 500 Ferrari Dealers - Benzin

Peugeot 205 GTI Le Mans

The Holy Grail. Sold exclusively for the Swedish market, some collectors and enthusiasts have managed to import it to France. Benzin has already offered you a few examples. This limited-edition 205 GTI is distinguished by its Miami blue color, wooden Luisi steering wheel and knob, "Hella" rear light, front wheel mud flaps and Le Mans logos.

Peugeot 205 GTI Le Mans - Benzin.fr

Renault Clio Apple

If it's not sporty, this special series isn't technological either. And yet we're talking about an "Apple" series - yes, like the smartphone brand... Reserved for the Spanish market, this series only concerned the S and RSi versions of the first Clio. Available in 7 colors, including two shades of red, it featured alloy wheels, body-colored mirror caps and spoiler, fog lamps (only on the RSi), and of course, Apple badges. Inside, we find leather and fabric sports seats, leather door medallions, a Philips cassette radio on the S, a CD radio on the RSi, and a driver's airbag, only on the RSi. Under the hood, we've already warned you, don't expect any performance: the S is powered by a 1.4L, 75hp engine, while the RSi offers a 1.8L, 110hp unit.

Renault Clio Apple - Benzin.fr

Fiat Seicento "Michael Schumacher

Audacity nf: action, approach that defies prevailing habits and tastes. Example: using the name of the greatest F1 champion (of all time?) for a "sporty" city car.

This Fiat Seicento Sporting, in its "Michael Schumacher" edition, boasts a 55 hp engine (the ultimate in sports, we grant you). Features include a leather steering wheel, aluminum pedals, gear knob and handbrake handle, plus a numbered plaque. On the outside, a sticker with Schumi's signature is affixed to differentiate it from other Seicento sports cars. Widely distributed and affordable, it's the ideal ally for anyone who wants a fun, economical little car.

Fiat Seicento Sporting Micheal Schumacher - Benzin.fr

Porsche Boxster "50 years of spyder 550".

This anniversary series, introduced in 2004, pays tribute to the Spyder 550 model of the 1950s. This Boxster offers a series of specific options such as a sporty chassis, 18-inch light-alloy wheels, cocoa-colored leather interior and a numbered "50 Jahre Spyder 550" plaque. The series is limited to 1953 examples, in reference to the Spyder's release date - chic, isn't it?

Porsche Boxster

Volkswagen Golf GTI 16s Match

The GTI for young, dynamic executives. Launched in 1988, the Match GTI 16s produced 139 hp and was one of the best-equipped golf cars on the market. It featured the famous "Digifiz" speedometer and digital dashboard, BBS wheels, Match logo reminders on the bodywork and a sunroof. Only 1,200 of this version were ever produced, so they're a rarity on the market!

Golf GTI Match - Benzin.fr

BX Deauville

A curious combination of a name evoking elegance and a rather flashy decoration, this version, reserved for Germany, was mainly equipped with ABS. A rare and expensive option at the time, but essential to avoid crashing into your boss's Porsche on Place Morny. Only available with a mid-range engine, it stood out for its looks and equipment. It was offered in Triton Green, Memphis Blue Metallic and Crystal Grey Metallic, with black trim and stripes on the body, tailgate and hood, and a Deauville logo on the tailgate and quarter windows. Equipped with rear wiper, electric windows, ABS, central locking and power steering, this BX will make you forget the modesty of its 1.6L, 90hp engine in favor of its tweed interior for a serene and comfortable seaside vacation.
(NB: If you prefer surfing or the jet set on American films, the BX has been declined in Biarritz and Saint-Tropez versions - take your pick! )

Citroën BX Deauville - Benzin.fr

BMW 750 Karl Lagerfeld

At the request of a Berlin palace for which he had designed the interior, Karl Lagerfeld also customized the two courtesy limousines of the same establishment. Two 750iLs received special fittings and an original body color. On the menu: no engine modifications, but unique paintwork and a 5-star interior. This living room, or rather suite on wheels, has been dressed in an ever-changing violet color, a blend of Canyon Red and Nepalese Silver Metallic. When the doorman opens the door, we're welcomed with open arms by fresh-buttered Nappa leather "Chesterfield" armchairs separated by a mini bar with its swiveling walnut shelves integrated into the central armrest. Retractable shelves and vanity mirrors at the rear of the front seats allow Madame to perfect her make-up for the gala, while Monsieur signs one last contract at several 0's thanks to the integrated fax, telephone and television. Powered by a 5.4-liter V12 engine developing 326 hp and capable of speeds in excess of 250 km/h on the Autobahn, you can be sure of being on time for a triumphant entry into the city's finest venues.

BMW 750Li Karl Lagerfeld - Benzin.fr

C15 Dangel ce "Pisteur

Henri Dangel, the specialist in four-wheel drive conversions, offers the 1991 C15 4x4. This limited series, sweetly named Pisteur, takes specialization a step further by offering a "hunter" version. Based on a C15 D600 2-seater with a double rear door, it proudly sports the unique "Bussing" green color and specific logos on the hood, front fenders and left rear door. Mounted on off-road tires, equipped with bull bars, side protection strips, a towing hook, full engine and transmission armoring, and a short-ratio gearbox, this C15 is the perfect tool for reaching your hunting cabin on Saturday morning and bringing home the freshly picked wild boar for the family's Sunday dinner.

Citroën c15 Dangel Pisteur - Benzin.fr

A Mazda MX - 5 regular

With over 90 special series since its launch in 1989, the best-selling roadster in automotive history (1 million units in circulation) has been marketed more as a special series than as a classic. Today, a normal MX-5 is more limited and more desirable than a special MX-5, hence its place in our selection. As a reminder, even if it's no longer on show, an MX-5 is: a punchy little engine, rear-wheel drive, contained weight, all of which can be enjoyed without the roof, with the manual gearbox.

Mazda MX-5 - Benzin.fr

Special editions of our favorite vintage vehicles or youngtimers will always have a story to tell, and are a great way to get noticed at rallies, shows or even at the point of sale.

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