Top 10 most unusual ads

Because in the world of cars, it's not just the car that counts, or even the engine or other features of the vehicle. No, there is one major factor in this field and that is the ads. And as is often the case, a car with a good advertising campaign is a car that is often well sold, even if the advertising can be quite... goofy. par TeamBenzin

So as we at Benzin like to make you quality Top 10, we looked one by one at all the car commercials coming to our mind, and we selected for you the best car commercials. At least, the ones that were the most wacky, funny or even very strange. So here is a top to watch with some popcorn and coke. So turn up the volume, and go to the first ad of the ranking.

Let's start with the bottom of the ranking to keep the suspense going.

10. Fiat Multipla - Michael Schumacher

How to miss this ad: Michael Schumacher, record holder because seven times Formula 1 world champion, advertising the ugliest car on the market. But in the end, this is perhaps what contributes to the current success of this machine.

9. Fiat 500 - "Immigrants"

A bit of history with a new wave of Italian immigration to the United States, and here they are small Fiat 500's. We discover that they have the option of submarines, even with the roof open, it looks quite practical. Finally no, when you watch the video they specify that you should not try because it is fiction, too bad... Fortunately they specify it.

8. Peugeot 206 - India

The advertising campaign of the best selling car in the world is certainly not the strangest nor the most hilarious. However, we like this part with a nice bodywork, hats off.

7. Volkswagen Passat 5B - Petrol Station

This advert does not comply with the advice given by the road safety authorities. Indeed we are supposed to stop every two hours or every 200 kilometers. But here we have the proof of a low consumption, or of a total dehydration of the driver because he didn't drink enough: finally we don't know what is true.

6. Fiat 500X - The blue pill

Thanks to this ad you can discover how the Fiat 500 X was born: it's a Fiat 500 with a little more power. Quite a journey for a Pfizer pill.

5. Volkswagen Golf 7 - Le chien imitateur

If you liked to make car noises when you were a child (or even older), this commercial is for you. Anyway, congratulations to this dog who imitates very well.

4. Citroën Xantia Activa - La pyramide

Here we have an ad for what Sylvain Lévy loves: the suspensions of a Xantia. A bit strange to drive with cars in pyramid formation...

3. Volkswagen Tiguan - The laughing horses

Do you ever fail to parallel park your Alfa Romeo GT (for example), and blush when everyone is waiting and honking because you are blocking their way? Then this ad will speak to you, especially if you have a trailer.

2. Volkswagen Golf - Old Lady

You probably think that grannies don't know how to drive, or at least that they drive too slowly and are glued to their steering wheel, even if they are not the only ones. You're right, but it's not always true: look at this commercial.

1. Toyota Hilux - A big story

A big crazy scenario for a big crazy car. Perfect for a safari to meet monkeys or rhinoceroses, to drive over volcanoes, peaks, in tornadoes or in canyons. You had to think about all this before making this ad. It's well done.

Bonus : Citroën C15 - Le mariage

We add you this lordly ad with this lordly car. An ad advocating the use of a C15 to get married. We challenge you to do it and send us the video, thank you. (And yes, for a lordly car, it couldn't be on YouTube, but on the lordly platform: Dailymotion).

Conclusion :

We've been spoiled in the automotive world when it comes to ads, with some brands being more talented than others, like Volkswagen or Fiat. And there are a lot more.

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