Top 10 best car movies (Guaranteed without Fast and Furious)

Bars, restaurants, shops and cinemas have reopened, and soon the nightclubs too. But before going back to the cinema to watch the n-th Fast & Furious or the new Conjuring, you can also enjoy a cult movie about cars, after having a good restaurant with big burgers. par TeamBenzin

So to help you choose and make your home movie program we have once again gathered at Benzin to give you the most objective ranking.

So here we go, go get the popcorn, take notes, you'll be happy.

1. Rush


The movie Rush features a battle in the early 1970s between two great Formula 1 drivers: James Hunt and Niki Lauda. If you haven't seen it stop reading this top, and go right now. This feature film is fueled by off-race scenes showing the difference in style between these two, with on one side a British driver who likes to multiply his conquests and parties, and on the other side a rigorous, ingenious and precise Austrian driver. In short, it's a film that mixes F1 racing, excellent scenario based on real facts and 70s aesthetics.

2. Days of thunder


Let's stay in car racing and go to the United States for a movie featuring Tom Cruise, who becomes a Nascar driver for the duration of a movie. It's an action-packed movie with many racing scenes, accidents as violent as they are spectacular and an equally impressive finish. It's a nice movie to discover Nascar, even if it's already more than 30 years old.

3. 60 seconds on the clock


Released in the last year of the 20th century in 2000, this film has all the qualities of a classic that never goes out of fashion and all the qualities of a recent film that lives with its time. In addition to all these qualities, the cast composed of Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie has everything to please, but the car cast is simply incredible too. The scenario is simple and effective: Nicolas Cage playing a car thief must steal no less than 50 automobiles of interest in a single night.

4. Fast & Furious (Oui, on a menti)


We didn't want to put it in the top BUT: already more than 20 years that this franchise was born, that it introduced a lot of people to the car world. Even if the F&F continue to exist with some spin-offs, 12 episodes in total (9 main movies) None has as much taste of the automobile as the initial trilogy. We chose here the first opus, the meeting between Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker), the discovery of their cars, the impromptu street races, the acceleration on straight lines that never end, the tuning at all costs, the girls, the cult lines with a corona in hand and much more. It's all about partying and shooting the breeze with the added bonus of nitro in every car.

5. Le Mans (1971)


There are not many GOOD films about car racing. The 24 Hours of Le Mans film from the 1971 edition has long remained unchallenged: just because of its opening scene. It is also a new feature film about a rivalry, quite romantic with a love story between the main character and the ex-wife of his teammate who died during the previous edition on the Sarthe circuit. This film, filmed for real on the circuit, revolves around this race won by the famous Porsche with the colors of Gulf will delight more than one with its quality and its realism.

6. Drive


Beware! This is not really a car movie but the atmosphere on board the cars is particularly successful, as are the simple and effective chases. Released in 2011 with Ryan Gosling as the main actor, it is adapted from a novel of the same name and called Sang-froid in Quebec presents a man with a double life: stuntman by day and car driver for the mafia by night. If you like car chases, action movies, neo-retro 80s aesthetics or Ryan Gosling, this movie is for you.

7. cab


Released in 1998, Taxi is an action movie, a police comedy with Marion Cotillard, Frédéric Diefenthal or Samy Naceri (Daniel): a talented driver always aboard his white Peugeot 406, a little modified, we grant you. Finally we have a pleasant film to watch, light and rich in (excellent) chases. Perfect for Peugeot lovers, but also special mention to the Mercedes 500E of the bad guys.

8. Le Mans 66 :


A great car movie in 2019? At a time when we are advocating the return to cycling? It is possible and with a heavy cast: Matt Damon, Christian Bale and Jon Bernthal. This movie tells the story of the Le Mans race in 1966: the battle between Ford and Ferrari. Of course, like any good American movie, patriotism reigns: the directors chose the right year of Le Mans. Indeed, Ferrari had been winning at Le Mans since 1960, and Ford tried to win in 1965 in vain. It is finally in 1966 that they will win by putting 3 cars on the podium, with a lot of style.

9. Cars


How to make a ranking of car movies without talking about the movie that everyone knows, probably the first car movie you will show to your kids, OR that you watched if you were born in the early 2000s. This animated feature film features a Nascar car, in a world where there are only vehicles no humans no animals, to give you an example: cows are represented by tractors.

10. Zero limit point

Point zéro

Attention muscle car lovers and cigarette smokers with their elbows out the window: watch this movie. The main star is none other than a white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum, a car that was just released. The whole movie is a chase, an ode to roadtrips and travel encounters. Well, this film is also a protest message of the time aiming to fight against the ambient puritanism, so on the program: uncontrollable fugitive under the influence of drugs, naked women on motorcycles or homosexuals (yes, it's the 70's, we have to remember it).