Mercedes-AMG Sales Week - Heading for the Autobahn

AMG, three letters that dominated the DTM in the 90s. Born in 1967 from the crazy idea of entering a limousine in competition, we are not telling you anything by saying that AMG designates today the sports branch of the brand with the star. Since 1973, AMG is a manufacturer of highway missiles based on Mercedes. This week on Benzin, 7 Mercedes including 5 AMG are offered for auction. At a time when travelling by private jet is not necessarily greeted by critics, opt for the AMG TGV. par TeamBenzin

Mercedes-Benz 300E AMG 3.4 - 1991

The ultimate in cool. A car recognized as the most reliable and solid in the world, sold in millions, in an ultra-confidential livery secretly produced by AMG in Japan. This W124 300E 3.4 is a unicorn that should not be missed. It's the only way to take the C63's driving peons by storm. Click here to see the ad

Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG R171 - 2008

A big v8 in a small roadster, that's the principle of the slk55. The result: a true dragster. Bid on it, put the top down, and let the 5.5L V8 under the hood do the talking and blow away all the other roadsters at the stoplight. Click here to see the ad

Mercedes-Benz e55 AMG DTK Motorsport- 2004

Want a supercharged V8 without the arrogant image of a big American? If you can stand the opulence of its rims, straight out of a B2O video, go for this e55 AMG pushed to 700hp and show those Yankees that on this side of the Atlantic we know how to make engines too. Click here to see the ad

Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG - 2005

V8 Kompressor, great lines, you come from the west in a CLS and everyone has noticed. Don't hesitate anymore between sedan and coupe. Whether you're a fan of V8 muscle cars, the Duke of Boulogne, or a fast mover of weird stuff: no reason not to bid on this beautiful, low mileage CLS AMG. Click here to see the ad

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG - 2015

"We die young, we die famous, riddled with bullets in a Mercedes" said a famous philosopher of the 92. You want to live the fast life, leave the competition far behind. Enemies in the rearview mirror, you know the street by heart. Treat yourself to an AMG, screw on the Rolex, and go out and show who's boss. Click here to see the ad

Mercedes-Benz C30 cdi AMG - 2004

After the war and before electric cars, German engineers were bored and tried to make diesel rhyme with sporty. The result? The C30 AMG with a 3.0L TD5 producing 230hp and 540Nm. Tractor pulling lovers, get ready to bid!

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