Treat yourself to a 400hp Super 5 GT Turbo

In the world of sports cars, Benzin's long-standing partner Greg has developed a transformed Renault Super 5 GT Turbo. Find out more about this radical vehicle on the Benzin YouTube channel. par TeamBenzin

Video presentation :

400 horses, 900 kilos

At the heart of this transformation is a radical change: the engine and gearbox from the Mégane 3 RS have been grafted on, propelling the little Super 5 GT Turbo to 400 horsepower. An impressive figure for a car that has retained its 80s charm. No one will see you coming.

A Subtly Modernized Exterior

The exterior retains its original look, with subtle touches to accommodate the freshly arrived cavalry. Ultra-light 17" OZ Racing wheels and discreetly widened fenders are the only visible modifications, preserving the classic look of the Super 5 GT Turbo.

Super 5 400 chevaux Speedshop

A Revised Chassis for Modern Performance

To complete this impressive transformation, extensive work was carried out on the chassis of this Super 5 GT Turbo. Bilstein B14 shock absorbers have been carefully selected to improve handling, ensuring that this 80s icon can compete with modern performance standards. In addition, a racing roll bar has been integrated to enhance overall rigidity, offering enhanced cornering stability and a more responsive driving experience. This Super 5 GT is ready to conquer winding roads with confidence.

Inside: Modern comfort, authentic look

Inside, you're greeted by heated Recaro bucket seats, offering the superior support you need to enjoy this car with confidence. But there's no question of skimping on the soundtrack: a high-performance audio system has been integrated, guaranteeing an exceptional sound experience for music and driving enthusiasts alike.

Pre-order your modified Super 5 GT Turbo!

If this transformation is your dream, you can afford one... Benzin takes care of securing your down payment while Greg the wizard prepares the Super 5 GT Turbo of your dreams. The base price is €90,000, excluding options (type of interior, wheels) and includes the donor car.

To order yours, send us a message at contact form and our teams will get back to you.

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