Unbelievable! These cars are already 30 years old

Turning 30 often means making choices, having your first child, owning your own home or making new career choices. But for our faithful 4-wheelers, 30 years means the entry in the world of the collection. So Benzin has selected 10 cars worthy of interest that will turn 30 this year. par TeamBenzin

It's hard to believe, but the mini city car of the diamond-shaped company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Launched in 1992, its career spanned over twenty years and ended in 2012. The first generation is still the most desirable in terms of collection with its emblematic colors and its large sunroof.


The first six-cylinder M3. The second generation M3 is the first in the line to offer this now legendary combination: six cylinders, rear-wheel drive, manual transmission. The M3 e36 is also the first to be available in three body styles: coupe, convertible and sedan. After having fallen into the limbo of the second-hand market, it is now a popular car again.

BMW M3 E36

Elegance, quite simply. The Ferrari 456 came out in 1992 and put a real stylistic slap around it. Its design signed by Pininfarina signs the end of the square lines of the 80s and the adoption of the bio design. The 456 is now the most affordable V12 Ferrari, and we like that.


An M8 that does not say its name. Equipped with the in-house V12, pumped up to 380 horsepower for the occasion and reworked running gear, the 850csi is a true collector's item that is already a cult and officially enters the pantheon of collector's vehicles this year.


A rally car for everyone. A big turbo, 4 wheel drive and a not so discreet (not to say flashy) look, the 323 GT-R reminds us that Mazda didn't succeed only in showing the world that the rotary engine is not such a good solution after all.


The wanton bourgeoisie. For those who think that a Jag should be all leather and wood with the sweet sound of a noble engine, this Jaguar is not for you.


The heir to the 205 GTI. Although the 106 XSI accompanies the end of the career of its illustrious predecessor in the Peugeot catalog, it is the first sporty version of the little car from Sochaux.


The first Clio sports car. Before the RS, before the 16s and the Williams, there was the RSI. Renault, Sport, Injection, with principle, hope, ambition.


The hyper. The car of all superlatives. The fastest, the most expensive, the craziest. The MCLaren F1 lives up to its name. A central cockpit, a mechanical cathedral developed for the occasion by BMW, stratospheric maintenance costs and an elonmuskesque entry ticket (we just invented this word, F1 deserves it).


The revival and the end. Before her, Bugatti was nothing. And afterwards? The same. And yet, the EB110 for Etore Bugatti 110 (years) is a marvel of engineering with its engine entirely developed for it: a V12 (until then nothing extraordinary on this type of car)... supercharged by 4 turbos.