The Catalan week by Benzin: 10 opportunities at auction

This week, Benzin has selected for you a dozen of Spanish vehicles, located more precisely in the region of Catalonia, close to the French border, which will allow you to widen your field of research for the purchase of your leisure car and to focus on the import process. par TeamBenzin

Vehicle selection

For all tastes and all budgets. This is one of the missions we have at heart at Benzin: to always offer you a wide selection of products, accessible to all. It is because leisure cars can be discovered from 5.000 € that we like to propose popular models such as the "6 series" from Peugeot. This week you will find a 306 cabriolet and a 406 coupé V6.

Now it's time for the Youngtimers and classics, stars of the market. Find a beautiful Porsche 911 Targa, a very rare BMW Z1 and the 2 iconic rivals: the Super 5 GT Turbo and a Golf 2 GTI.

For those who want luxury in all circumstances, we have just the thing. Take the gleaming S65 AMG with its V12 Bi-Turbo, the extravagant G55 AMG or a classic Jaguar-Daimler V8.

Why buy a car in Spain?

There are other reasons to visit Spain besides cold cuts.

Indeed, the more than favorable climate of this country allows you to find old vehicles mostly spared from rust. Everyone knows that corrosion is the worst enemy of our beautiful old cars, because it can lead to complex and very expensive repairs.

On the other hand, we have all seen the price of youngtimers / classics and used cars in general explode in recent years. Spain is obviously affected by this phenomenon, but on average we can see more interesting prices.

Finally, Barcelona is not so far away, very well served from major French cities (only 1h45 by plane for a Paris-Barcelona flight) and very accessible (on average 100€ for a plane ticket).

What are the processes for importing a Spanish car?

Since Spain and France are part of the European Union, there are no customs fees to pay!

The registration procedures in France are now done only online on the ANTS website, the procedure is completely dematerialized and very simple.

You must gather the following elements before sending your file on the ANTS:

- Tax receipt (Free of charge, to be requested from your tax office)
- The certificate of transfer or the purchase invoice if your vehicle was purchased from a professional
- El permiso de circulacion" and "la ficha tecnica" which is equivalent to the Spanish registration certificate
- Your identity card
- A copy of your driver's license
- Proof of address less than 3 months old
- A certificate of insurance
- The COC (certificate of conformity - about 250€ depending on the manufacturer) or a FFVE certificate for a collection registration (60€ for cars)

More details in our article: Registering a vehicle from Spain yourself

Finally, you should know that Benzin can put you in touch with professionals who can carry out the registration procedures for you.

Click here to take the necessary steps : Registering a foreign car with Benzin

Buy on Benzin : secure payment and shipping

In addition to accessing an ultra-detailed ad (photos / videos / text), Benzin allows you to discuss in the comment area with the seller if anything still seems unclear.

The sale lasts 10 days, which gives you plenty of time to study the vehicle and think carefully about your potential purchase. For 10 days, the car is on Benzin and not elsewhere. You are sure not to miss it, provided you are the highest bidder!

Finally, if you are repossessing a vehicle, you do not pay the seller directly. You pay the funds into a secure escrow account belonging to you and obtain the seller's contact information once the funds are paid. The vehicle is reserved for you while you pay and of course until you collect it. You have one month to do so.

This will allow you to manage the details of your import with complete peace of mind, namely: insurance and organization with the seller. Rather reassuring not to take care of the payment, no?

Dates of the sale

All 10 vehicles will be visible on the site from April 15 and the sales will open successively to spread over a week. Follow the lots you are interested in by clicking on the "Follow" button to receive by email the opening and closing dates.

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