The most beautiful interiors

For the average person, a car's interior must be practical and comfortable. But for us, the interior design is essential, it must make you feel the emotions you will have behind the wheel of your car even before you turn the ignition on. It must make you want to get in, start and drive without ever stopping. And some designers have excelled in this part of the specification, so we have listed for you the 10 most beautiful cockpits ever created. par TeamBenzin

Spyker C8

The design of the Spyker is inspired by the origins of the company from which it takes its name and its propeller logo: aviation. The Dutch supercar is extremely luxurious, displaying no plastic, everything is in leather or aluminum. The steering wheel in the shape of a propeller is unique, as well as the very particular gearshift system with this rod separating the cockpit in two.

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin is often associated with James Bond, even if for this one, we rather want to compare it to Deadpool because of its interior configuration. So sit in this hyper-exclusive supercar with its 77 units produced, and let yourself be taken in by 007's game!


45 years later, the BMW Z8 was designed as a tribute to the BMW 507. Taking the genes of its ancestor, it is equipped with the same V8 atmospheric of 4.9 liters of displacement as the M5 e39. The interior of the Z8, on the other hand, does not use the codes of the 507. The old school 3-spoke steering wheel, the meters in the center of the dashboard and the imposing center console give the Z8 a unique atmosphere, between classic and modern.

Pagani Huayra

The treatment of the interior of a Pagani is absolutely unique. No competitor goes so far in the choice of materials or the search for perfection. Not a single gram of plastic in the cabin, the materials used are exclusively noble: titanium, carbon, high quality leather... Horacio Pagani's attention to detail has allowed his cars to become true works of art.

Wiesmann MF-5

At Wiesmann you can configure the interior completely according to your taste in the manner of the Tailor Made at Ferrari, or the MSO (McLaren Special Operation). Do you want the seats to match the color of your wife's handbag? It's possible! The very small interior of the Wiesmann will give you the impression of being in a real cockpit, with a superb view of the endless and long hood that will rise in front of you. Unfortunately, Wiesmann has been forced to close its doors for some years now.

Jaguar type E

Unveiled on March 15, 1961 in Geneva, the Jaguar E-type has marked the history of the automobile. "The most beautiful car in the world" said Enzo Ferrari, jealous of Jaguar's success. As beautiful and refined as the exterior, the interior is a mix of sport and luxury with its high quality leather, wooden steering wheel with aluminum spokes and temperature and pressure gauges. Climbing into an E-type will guarantee an inimitable experience.

Bugatti 16C Galibier

If you are familiar with the term "woodwork", then you will feel very comfortable in the Bugatti 16C Galibier. This prototype represents the luxury wagon imagined by Bugatti. It follows the EB112 and EB218 prototypes, and although aesthetically more successful, the 16C will not see the light of day either. The designers were therefore able to let loose and offer us this magnificent, uncluttered interior mixed with leather, wood and aluminum.

Carlex Designs « Ministeam » Mini Countryman

Polish fashion designer Carlex Designs has transformed this Mini Countryman into a time machine. The high quality leather interior is trimmed in bronze and copper clockwork style, accompanied by meticulous details like an inlaid clock. The two-tone chocolate - Cuoio interior blends perfectly with the wooden floor mats. The whole thing remains special, but if you liked Back to the Future, you'll love this Mini to go back in time!

Vector W8

What? A fighter plane dashboard in a car? Yes, you saw it right, it's the Vector W8, the work of the madman Gerald Wiegert, an American who dreamed of thumbing his nose at Ferrari and Lamborghini in the 1980s and 1990s. And he almost succeeded with his 625 horsepower ground-to-ground missile. The dashboard has as many buttons as a MIG and a screen even bigger than a modern GPS. So yes, it's not very pretty, but we had to include it in this top for the originality and creativity shown by this incredible machine.

Mclaren F1

A steering wheel, 3 pedals, a gearshift, a monocoque carbon bucket seat (+2 others in homage to the future "Multipla" legend), alcantara and a few buttons for decoration. It's as simple as can be, and it's one of the most beautiful interiors ever made. The driver's seat in a central position and the passenger seats slightly moved back give a unique atmosphere on board this mythical car.