Dafy X Benzin: full throttle on motorcycle auctions

Park on the side of the road, put your helmet and gloves on, and read what follows. Dafy Moto and Benzin have joined forces to offer you a selection of overhauled and guaranteed motorcycles at auction. The best of both worlds united on Benzin just for you. par TeamBenzin

Daf'Okaz ? What is it?

Daf'Okaz (for Dafy Occasion, skillful), it is the network of sale of motorcycles, scooters and 2 wheels of occasion at the closest of your place. Whether you are looking for an almost new motorcycle, an old model, whether you are a collector or an amateur: you will find almost everything at Daf'Okaz. The Dafy Occasion network selects and checks each motorcycle for a purchase with peace of mind. The Dafy experts prepare the motorcycles to deliver you a revised vehicle, ready to go with you on the road or in the paths.


  • Electricity
  • Le freinage
  • Draining
  • The chassis
  • Tire balancing
  • All the consumables of the motorcycle are checked and changed by quality products

The motorcycles are guaranteed for 12 months, extendable up to 36 months. Daf'Okaz also offers to manage your administrative procedures by taking care of your registration.

How does a Dafy Moto auction on Benzin work ? Good.

Are you interested in a motorcycle discovered on Benzin and sold by Daf'Okaz? It's very simple: everything happens on Benzin.

  • Register to participate in the auction.
  • View the ad and bid.
  • Do you have any questions? The comment area is there for you.
  • Would you like to see it? Ask for it in the ad via the button provided for this purpose.
  • Want to try it out? Take your helmet, put on your gloves.
  • Did you win the auction? Let us guide you, our teams will accompany you.

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