Cars & Raclette #4 , we tell you all about it

The fourth edition of the Benzin raclette was held on January 20, 2023. Friends and guests gathered despite the snow and cold to fill up on cheese and charcuterie on our elevators. Let's take a look back at this first Benzin event open to the public. par TeamBenzin

Cheese and cars

It was on our premises that, despite the wintry temperatures in perfect harmony with the victuals, this joyous sauterie took place. On the menu: cheese, charcuterie, good company and beautiful cars. Initially reserved for friends of the team, this year we decided to open the event to the public for the first time, reserving around 30 places for our dear friends and family. Gasoline.

Benzin Cars & Raclette 2024

They were able to discover iconic vehicles from the YouTube channel and the platform, including the 400hp Super 5 GT Turbo from the first Speedshop and the M3 Touring that our friends Erwan The Gloved Driver et Thierry Vigneau Boiserie purchased just over a year ago via Benzin. Special thanks also to Tom HDR, Lorenzo A.K.A Classicgrid, Wheat flour, Lasko Show, Paris Street Racingthe GDB and our Armand who honored us with their presence and set the scene with their cars (and mopeds).

Benzin Cars & Raclette 2024

Two passions, one goal

If passion for cars can be hard to imagine for some, passion for good food is surely less so. And yet, both are driven by the quest for the same sensations. The smell of cheese tenderly tickling our nostrils, like the smell of unleaded petrol. An overly generous sausage that lubricates our fingertips, like the oil in which we have to fish out the drain plug. The far-fetched idea of sharing a raclette in a garage with forklifts as tables, surrounded by beautiful cars, finally makes sense. And, judging by the hundred or so friends and guests at our Cars & Raclette, many of you share our point of view.

Benzin Cars & Raclette 2024

To all those who braved the conditions to come and share these 20 kg of cheese and 35 kg of potatoes, UN GRAND MERCI. Everyone else, get your shorts and sandals ready for the Benzin barbecue in the spring.

For the lucky ones who were able to be photographed or interviewed, keep an eye on our networks. Posts have been scheduled and l'after-movie is now online.

Benzin Cars & Raclette 2024

And to kill time until then, sell or buy your cars on Benzin.fr.

Par Nathan GALIC
Photo credits: Armand ROSALIE (Machinistic)