Benzin is on Youtube every Thursday night

Not content with offering you dozens of new online sales every week, we thought we would also share with you all the more or less crazy thoughts that the Benzin team may have. par Benzin

BENZIN launches a new YouTube channel which promises to entertain you with videos on the theme of the automobile. We propose Talks on funny and original subjects, games and surprise guests.

Any examples?
How to be classy at the WASTEWALL?
17 Cylinders what do you choose?
The WORST financial choices
The BEST car to FRIM at the Casino

The episodes are released every Thursday night and are already highly anticipated, with an average of over 50.000 viewers per video! We also like to read all the comments of the subscribers, because you also seem to have tastes let us say... astonishing.

Speaking of subscribers, you are now 30.000 to follow us. It's not yet the stade de France but we're getting there, especially if you're going to subscribe when this article comes out (do it). It happens quite often that we choose our topics among the suggestions of the subscribers, so propose us your ideas in comments!

In short, BENZIN is a must-see YouTube channel for car lovers who are looking for funny and original videos. Don't hesitate to subscribe to the channel, like and comment on our episodes which are released every Thursday evening.

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