Benzin comes to Normandy: a collection of 10 classics at auction

Notice to the lovers of beautiful mechanics: Benzin lands in Normandy to propose you the Norman collection for sale. A splendid collection that its discreet owner has chosen to entrust to Benzin. Among the ten or so vehicles on offer, there will be something for every taste and every budget: from the popular Fiat Topolino to the exceptional Jaguar E-Type, the range of vehicles is complete. par TeamBenzin

The story of a life

A life at 100 miles an hour. Dreams in the corner of his mind and a myriad of anecdotes, often about cars, have shaped the life of this "young" collector as he likes to call himself. Although collecting came late in his life, the automobile has always been central to it. During a conversation, he reminds us of one of his first automotive emotions on the benches of the faculty, when he was taken in hitch-hiking by a Jaguar Type E, it was in 1966. That's how the first car to join the collection was the Jaguar E Type.


A passionate collection

Over the years, this vintage car enthusiast has acquired a splendid collection of cars, most of them from the 1960s. The collection has only one watchword: the passion for beautiful mechanics and rarity. And be careful, no garage queen In this collection, only cars in excellent condition used daily in turn and according to the desires or needs of the moment. From the Giulia for shopping to the E-Type for seaside getaways, all have a purpose.


Benzin: the obvious choice

At a time when time and space are short, and the desire for change is felt, Benzin has established itself with JC as the ideal solution for selling his collection. Our fully digitalized sales method allows our collector to sell his cars without the hassle of the heavy logistics involved in moving the vehicles to the auction house. Moreover, selling on Benzin allows us to offer this collection to a community of over 90,000 enthusiasts ready to take the plunge from their sofa.


A tailor-made sale

In order to prepare for the sale in the best possible conditions and to allow both sellers and buyers a first class experience, Benzin has developed a special formula to meet the challenges imposed by the sale of car collections. Once the list of vehicles was established with our dedicated sales team, Benzin dispatched a team of specialized photographers to the storage location to make a detailed report of each vehicle. Our specialists then produced an accurate description of each vehicle based on the photo files to provide buyers with the simplest and most detailed buying experience.

Dates of the sale

All 10 vehicles will be visible on the site from February 2nd and the sales will open successively to spread over a week. Follow the lots you are interested in by clicking on the "Follow" button in order to receive by email the opening and closing dates.

If you also want to sell your collection on a platform made for and by enthusiasts, our team will guide you through the selling process.

All the products of the collection for sale are available here : Click here