Benzin French circuit champion

A few months ago, in the second episode of our Benzin Speed Shop format on Youtube, we introduced you to an M3 E36 3.2L racing car entered in the French Circuit Cup in the Group N category, remember? Well, Laurent Sylvestre, its driver, was crowned French champion last Monday at the FFSA's annual awards ceremony. We tell you all about it... par TeamBenzin

From garage to racetrack

A motorsports enthusiast, it was in 2016 that Laurent set about transforming his Dakar yellow M3 3.2L E36 into a 321hp racing car. For 3 years, over 4 candles in a garage barely big enough for the scope of the work, the beauty was completely gutted, stripped down to the smallest bolt before being restored, bodied and fitted with FIA-approved bucket seats and harnesses. The objective? To go bumper to bumper, door to door, in the Coupe de France des circuits.

Benzin champion de France des circuits

First run in 2019 for the "fast kid" on the Dijon-Prenois track, then a few more races in 2021 and 2022, it's finally in 2023 that Team 511 will take part in its first full season. Laurent will then take to the wheel of his Benzin and Machinistic-stamped M3 e36 over 8 weekends, from March to October, from Nogaro to Le Mans.

Benzin champion de France des circuits

8 week-end, 16 courses, 1 titre

As the gateway to serious motor racing, Group N sees a dozen M3 E36s and Mégane 3 RSs go head-to-head once a month on some of France's finest circuits.

Benzin champion de France des circuits

From Nogaro to the Bugatti circuit, via Ledenon, Albi, Dijon-Prenois and other legendary French tracks, Laurent raced 14 times neck and neck with Olivier Gillard, 2-time French champion, and a dozen other drivers, to climb the podium as many times. Not bad for a rookie!

Benzin champion de France des circuits

From March to October, the French circuit championship for Team 511 meant 9 second places and 5 first places in 14 races across France. All of which enabled Laurent to climb to the top of the standings, and last night to be awarded the title of French Circuit Champion 2023, at the FFSA's motorsport awards evening.

Benzin champion de France des circuits

A great first season in which we're proud to have participated, in our own way, on the hood of this yellow M3 on the circuits of France and Navarre. An adventure for which Team 511 has re-signed for 2024, and we too, still on the hood of Laurent's M3.

Benzin champion de France des circuits

Benzin: the obvious choice

Sharing the same automotive values and the same love for the brand with the propeller, it's only natural that Benzin has decided to sponsor the Team 511 Racing association for this 2023 season and the upcoming 2024 season. A fruitful alliance for both parties, with a team proud to wear our colors, promoting Benzin on the circuits and roads of France.

If you're interested in this adventure, come to the track on race weekends to cheer on the 511 team. Machinistic.com for more adventures from this M3, and on YouTube for a detailed presentation of this true racing beast.

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Par Nathan GALIC
Photo credits: Armand ROSALIE (Machinistic)