Alpha, beta, gamma, DELTA !

Between the E30 and the 205 GTI, we at Benzin love the 80's (and their cars)! But the eighties are not only about these two cars, far from it. Many of these square-shaped cars have become automotive myths. Luxurious at the beginning, sporty at the end, the Lancia Delta is one of those myths of an era when driving was fun. par TeamBenzin

Par @antrach96

A mythical, almost mystical manufacturer, an original design by Giugiaro, a career spanning more than 16 years and no less than 16 different versions in the catalog, this is how to sum up the Lancia Delta.

Oh yes, the Delta has also won 6 consecutive world rally championships, which helps to make a legend!

Lancia Delta GT ie

However, in 1979 when the Delta was launched, everything had to be done, and it was not easy. The first versions were only equipped with two engines from FIAT developing a maximum of 85hp. Sufficient but not transcendent. Where the Delta stands out is on its plush interior (for the time).

La Delta S4 groupe B de Markku Alén

The first foray into sportiness came at the end of 1985, and what a foray it was!

The transalpine manufacturer launches its new monster in Group B: the Delta S4. Exit the 037, the S4 is 500hp, central engine, double supercharging, 4 wheel drive: the mass is said. It will be however of short duration. At 3:15 pm on May 2, 1986, the Lancia Martini driver Henri Toivonen was killed at the wheel of a Delta S4 on the roads of the Tour de Corse. This is the end of Group B, but not of the Delta.

Delta HF Turbo

It was in 1986 that Lancia decided to seriously revamp its "civilian" Delta, following the fashion of the bombshells. The Delta HF Turbo was born with a 1.6 turbocharged twin-cam engine designed by the no less famous Aurelio Lampredi (who designed the legendary V12 engine for the Ferrari 250). With this new mill under the hood, the Delta developed 140 horsepower, enough to compete with the GTIs of the time.

In 1987, the Delta Integrale (for all-wheel drive) was born and with it Lancia's undivided domination of the rally world for 6 years. From 1987 to 1992, don't look for it, the star of the discipline is the Delta. Its civilian version had several variations. From the Integrale to the Evo I and then the Evo II.