5 comptes Instagram Auto - Underground

Fever, headache, are these symptoms familiar to you? No it's not Corona, it's because you're suffering from auto deficiency. Luckily, we have something to get you back on your feet: an Instagram update! So here are 5 accounts you probably don't know about. par TeamBenzin

1. Make green great again

The concept of this account is simple: The most beautiful cars in green only. Don't tell us anymore that we don't support green initiatives.


2. sexy wagon

We can't repeat it enough: breaks are cool. And this account lists the coolest breaks produced: classic or unknown.


3. Gitano Club

Not easy: we don't know how to explain the principle of this account without scaring you. Let's just say that if you like a well-placed trailer hitch, accompanied by dubious modifications on cars from the 90's to the 2000's, you'll be served. Everything is of course in the second degree, or not. Assume the Gitano in you: Follow.


4. Poolside FM

Please note: this account is not exclusively dedicated to cars. It's an ode to the 80s in general. But we love to enjoy the neon and fluorescent atmosphere. Oh and we warmly recommend their webradio.


5. Passion Plaques

Interested in old license plates? What a strange idea! It is however the project of this account which takes us back to a time that the SIV format made disappear. Send him your best pictures of cars with the old plate format!


6. gasoline

We got you (again). A top 5 with 6 accounts. You couldn't leave without following the official Benzin account. The ideal account to keep up with Benzin news, good deals and secret projects!