5 affordable future collectors to buy before anyone else

The price of Youngtimers has been rising steadily in recent years. The cars of the 2000's will soon follow the same trend. We have selected for you 5 (6 finally) models that are likely to see their value soar in the years to come. par TeamBenzin

BMW 3 series e46


For many the e46 3-series represents the pinnacle of BMW styling. Available as a sedan, coupe, convertible and station wagon, the e46 has a wide choice of 4 and 6 cylinder engines and a long list of options. Often overlooked as affordable in recent years, focus on the high maintenance models. Prices are still relatively low but should soon follow those of their e30 and e36 predecessors.

Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT

The latest Alfa Romeo coupe. A successful design signed by Bertone, engines with a bewitching sound, quality leather interiors, the Alfa GT is a real future collector in power. If the fantastic V6 Busso scares you, don't underestimate the more affordable 2.0 JTS with 165 hp and enough power to distill top-notch driving pleasure. Well-maintained models are becoming rare, so don't hesitate to jump on opportunities with rigorous maintenance before the price goes up.

Mercedes CLK W209


Whether in coupe or convertible form, the Mercedes CLK W209 is a success. The quality of manufacture is not in rest and the strong mileages do not have to frighten you provided that the maintenance is up to date. On the engine side, 6 and 8 cylinders are at the rendezvous and bring to this coupe first class road performances. Beautiful examples of the CLK320 and even the CLK500 are still available for less than 10.000€, but for how long?

Audi TT


A Golf IV chassis, Audi A3 engines and a concept car design. Here is the surprisingly successful cocktail offered by the first generation Audi TT. There are many examples in the classified ads columns, prefer the rare models with bright colors much more rare.

Mazda 3 and 6 MPS


Competitor of the Focus RS and the Golf R, the Mazda 3 MPS is a real sleeper. Much less expensive than its direct competitors of the time, the Mazda 3 MPS is formidable on winding roads. If you don't have enough space but don't want to feel the sensation, you can fall back on its cousin, the 6 MPS sedan with the same engine.


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